We have a 750 sq. ft. studio with many backgrounds and props that can hold from 1 to 30 people. We photograph anyone from a newborn to a 100 year old nun.  We can even photograph your family pet.

Our sitting fee for 30 minutes is $25.00. Additional locations, minutes, clothing changes etc. may be an additional charge.

Portrait Packages:

L.A. Photos is extremely flexible on the design of your portrait package and is more than willing to design and price a package that is customized to fit your needs. However, below are several packages that can be used when considering your order.
Please call us if you have  questions 412-487-7624

  • DIAMOND PACKAGE $529.00:
          1 - 16x20 ** and 23 pages of prints

  • RUBY PACKAGE $429.00:
          1 - 11x14 ** and 13 pages of prints

  • OPAL PACKAGE $329.00:
          15 pages of prints

          10 pages of prints

  • EMERALD PACKAGE $179.00:
          6 pages of prints

          3 pages of prints

A page is considered:

1 - 8x10   or
2 - 5x7s   or
3 - 4x6s   or
4 - 4x5s   or
8 - wallets

** Mounting Included

CD with print release

This CD allows you to print for personal use at home while preserving the rights of the Photographer.
$$Price is based on the number of images$$

: Clients – it is only for YOU. It is only for the person named on the release. It should NOT be for Aunt Sally to be able to reproduce pictures. If a photographer has been kind enough to extend a print release then please be kind enough to ask for their permission. Remember, while you may be in the pictures, the Photographer owns them. Their blood, sweat and tears were put into your photograph. Please respect the photographer with the use of the images.

Please call us with any questions at 412-487-7624.

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